The purpose of this website is to rate, review, and compare various offers for the best "Rabbit Vibrator" sold on the internet to prevent people from making the wrong choice. Hopefully this will help you narrow down your choices from the hundreds of options that exist on the internet, and second, to give you the best offers on the internet for the BEST OF THE BEST. I have personally used and critiqued dozens of rabbit vibrators (what fun!) and have settled conclusively on the best one. While there can be HUGE differences in seemingly similar Rabbits, I found in some cases many companies sell identical products, with the difference being only the brand which leads to a higher price, often much higher.

Well, here you go… my comprehensive and honest research has led me to the conclusion that the best Rabbit anywhere is the "Rabbit". I have scoured through the internet to find the 3 best deals for this product from 3 different companies and included descriptions of the offer, including price, shipping, guarantee, return policy and value. They are all the same product, so my STAR rating is based on the "deal" and service offered by each company. Enjoy!

The Omazing™ Rabbit is the winner, too bad I didn't find it first. I originally heard about Omazing last year when it was featured on my favourite show, Big Brother. Aside from Omazing's™ grade "A" both in product quality and performance, the difference with and reason for Omazing topping this list is the value they offer. I honestly don't know how they managed to pull this off, however, they've priced it at only £23.00--with FREE SHIPPING, a FREE bullet vibrator(a long-time favourite in my collection), a FREE velvet pouch, which as they market, is perfect for storting the product, a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee, and a 2 year warranty. I have never seen a 2 Year Warranty on a Rabbit Vibrator--which speaks volumes about their product quality. My sister acutally replaced hers with Omazing after 14 months with absolutely no problem. To quickly touch on the performance, I'm not sure exactly what their "vibraMAX" technology is or how it works, but the vibration on this Rabbit seemed to have an edge over anything I have ever used, yet its quiet and unbelievably comfortable.



The Runner Up:
Ann Summers' Platinum Rabbit Plus is popular product from the very popular Ann Summers. This was the first Platinum Rabbit I tried and it came with the quality I expected of Ann Summers, but it only gets three stars because it came with the price you would expect from Ann Summers. At £45, this really isn't much of a deal and seems like an identical product to the Omazing Rabbit, only twice the price and without the free gifts (I could have bought an Omazing for myself and one for my sister for the same price as the Ann Summers' Platinum Plus Rabbit). That said, the order came in about a week and the product has been a joy.


Love Honey Jessica Rabbit Platinum Vibrator is my bronze medal.  It looks like the same product as the Ann Summers and Omazing Rabbits, but this one is definitely noisier and goes through batteries more quickly.  It is priced at £29.99 plus shipping, but seems to trade a low price for less quality with respect to my other two picks.  The only reason this made my top three is because it comes from Love Honey who stand behind their products… but at the same time, as long as you're going to order a rabbit, you might as well go for the best from the beginning. 


The Winner:
Omazing Rabbit

Last Words:
For women wanting to experience the ultimate in self-pleasure, it is no secret that the Rabbit Vibrator is the way to go. Now that i have provided you with the best product in the category and the top 3 "deals" from three reputable companies (I have had great purchase experiences with each of the three companies above), it is your job to make your choice as to which company has the best deal for you. I completely recommend this Rabbit and hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

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